ELLCC 0.1.32 Released

A new binary release of the ELLCC cross compilation tool chain is available.
ELLCC is a pre-packaged set of tools designed to support cross compilation
for a variety of target processors.

This release supports MIPS and PowerPC 64 bit targets.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to debug build issues with the MinGW build. As a result the binaries of this release for this host are not available. If anyone is interested in looking into the build failure, patches welcome!

ELLCC includes:

  • ecc (a clang/LLVM based C/C++ compiler)
  • binutils
  • GDB
  • QEMU (on x86_64 Linux hosts)

The ELLCC run-time libraries are supplied pre-built for all targets and
are all covered with BSD-like licenses:

  • libc++ The C++ standard library
  • musl The POSIX compliant C library
  • compiler-rt Low level compiler support
  • expat XML parsing
  • libedit Command history
  • ncurses Terminal handling
  • zlib Compression/decompression
  • curl URL syntax data transfer
  • libevent Event notification
  • mbed TLS Transport Layer Security
  • c-ares Asynchronous DNS
  • libssh2 Client side SSH2
  • libmetalink Metalink support
  • openldap Lightweight directory access protocol
  • nanomsg Several common communication patterns

ELLCC is entirely self hosting.

From the ChangeLog:

version 0.1.32:

* Update the curl library to version 7.50.1.
* Update to binutils 2.27.
* Update the libssh2 library to version 1.7.0.
* Update to LLVM r277813.
* Update to libedit-20160618-3.1.
* Update to GDB 7.11.1.
* Update the nghttp2 library to version 1.13.0.
* Update the expat library to version 2.2.0.
* Update the curl library to version 7.50.0.
* Update ithe mbedtls library to version 2.3.0.
* Added support for 64 bit LE PowerPC 64.
* Added support for 64 bit MIPS.
* Update to musl 1.1.15.

Binary tarballs are available from here.

The tool chain can build programs for ARM, Mips, PowerPC, and x86 Linux and
stand-alone targets and x86 Windows systems.

Pre-built binaries are available for ARM, Mips, and x86 Linux host systems
as well as x86_64 Windows and Mac OS X hosts.

All host systems can build programs for all the supported targets.

Available targets are listed here.

2 thoughts on “ELLCC 0.1.32 Released

  1. tMH

    Hello dear Author:)
    Thank you for helpful tools and information you share with newbies, but I have now one issue.
    I’m trying to compile (at least) tcsh on mipsel mediaplayer (IconBit – Realtek RTD1186DD), yet I visited this url – http://ellcc.org/releases/ – mipsel binaries are listed in “readme”:
    mips32r2el-linux Little Hard
    mips32r2elsf-linux Little Soft
    — but not available, instead you have these:
    — unfortunately are NOT compatible with iconbit, giving me error when I run those binaries:
    ellcc/bin # ./ecc
    ./ecc: line 1: IntxLNKclang-3.9: not found
    ellcc/bin # ./mips-elf-as
    ./mips-elf-as: line 1: syntax error: unexpected “(”

    Could you, please, put those mipsel binaries (mips32r2el-linux & mips32r2el-linux) along those already listed on your releases page?
    Thanks in advance!


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