Latest on the Blog: ELLCC 2017-07-29 Released

What is ELLCC?

ELLCC (pronounced “elk”) is a project using clang and the LLVM compiler infrastructure. The primary emphasis of the ELLCC project is to create an easy to use multi-target cross compilation environment for embedded systems.

  • A C/C++ development toolchain based on clang (ecc). clang/LLVM sources are updated often to insure that ELLCC stays up to date while maintaining a vigorous testing and release process.
  • Multi-target support: ARM, i386, Mips, PowerPC, and X86_64.
  • Multi-OS support: Linux, Standalone, …
  • All libraries supplied with ELLCC and executables produced by ecc are BSD/MIT/UIUC or similarly licensed. No GPL source is used in generated executables.

More detail on what ELLCC is and how to use it is available on the Overview page.

The ELLCC project is sponsored by PennWare LLC.