Please Pardon Our Dust

If you look around the site and find that many of the pages look incomplete, it is because they are. The ELLCC project has recently gone through a massive restructuring in preparation for a new release with significant changes. The release is essentially complete and is available via subversion or from the Download page, but the supporting documentation on the site is being updated to reflect all the changes. There will be an official announcement when we’re done, but in the mean time, thank you for your patience. A few examples of the changes:

  • Binary downloads are now separated into components that can be added separately so you can download just the parts you need.
  • Releases are now tagged by date, e.g. 2017-07-16, which reflects the day that the latest sources were pulled from each of the component’s source repository or latest release tarball.
  • Shared libraries are now supported.

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