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ELLCC now has 64 bit ARM AArch64 Support

A new binary release of the ELLCC cross compilation tool chain is available.
ELLCC is a pre-packaged set of tools designed to support cross compilation
for a variety of target processors.

ELLCC includes:

  • ecc (a clang/LLVM based C/C++ compiler)
  • binutils
  • GDB

The ELLCC run-time libraries are supplied pre-built for all targets and
are all covered with BSD-like licenses:

  • libc++ The C++ standard library
  • musl The POSIX compliant C library
  • compiler-rt Low level compiler support
  • expat XML parsing
  • libedit Command history
  • ncurses Terminal handling
  • zlib Compression

ELLCC is entirely self hosting.

From the ChangeLog:

version 0.1.11:

* Added aarch64 support.
* Update to musl 1.1.7.
* Update to LLVM r232721.

Binary tarballs are available via FTP or HTTP from the download page.

The tool chain can build programs for ARM, Mips, PowerPC, and x86 Linux and stand-alone targets and x86 Windows systems.

Pre-built binaries are available for ARM, Mips, PowerPC, and x86 Linux host systems as well as x86 Windows and Mac OS X hosts.

All host systems can build programs for all the supported targets.

Available targets are listed here