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[   ]ellcc-Mac_OS_X_10.11.6-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 15:54 504M 
[   ]ellcc-Mac_OS_X_10.11.6-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:27 511M 
[   ]ellcc-arm32v6-linux-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 13:29 664M 
[   ]ellcc-arm32v6-linux-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:25 675M 
[   ]ellcc-arm32v7-linux-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 13:29 667M 
[   ]ellcc-arm32v7-linux-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:26 681M 
[   ]ellcc-arm64v8-linux-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 13:30 653M 
[   ]ellcc-arm64v8-linux-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:27 665M 
[   ]ellcc-mips32r2-linux-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 13:31 684M 
[   ]ellcc-mips32r2-linux-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:28 711M 
[   ]ellcc-mips64r2-linux-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 13:31 689M 
[   ]ellcc-mips64r2-linux-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:28 712M 
[   ]ellcc-ppc64el-linux-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 13:32 725M 
[   ]ellcc-ppc64el-linux-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:29 743M 
[   ]ellcc-x86_64-linux-0.1.33.tgz09-Oct-2016 13:33 725M 
[   ]ellcc-x86_64-linux-0.1.34.tgz31-Oct-2016 12:30 729M 
[   ]ellcc-x86_64-w64-mingw32-0.1.28.tgz28-Jan-2016 21:46 471M 

The files in this directory contain pre-compiled versions of the ELLCC
cross compiler tool chain. Each tarball is meant to run on a specific
Linux, Mac, or Windows build system as indicated by the name.
For example ellcc-arm32v7-linux...  contains executables that run on a
little endian ARM Linux box.

Each build host can compile programs for  all of the targets. For example,
you would use x86_64-linux if you have an x86_64 Linux box and want to
compile for an ARM target.

The -target option is used to tell what the target environment is. The
targets that ELLCC currently supports are:

    -target              Endian        Float    Example Target(s)
arm32v6-linux             Little        Hard    Raspberry Pi
arm32v6sf-linux           Little        Hard
arm32v7eb-linux           Big           Hard
arm32v7ebsf-linux         Big           Soft
arm32v7-linux             Little        Hard    Raspberry Pi 2
arm32v7sf-linux           Little        Soft
arm64v8-linux             Little        Hard    Raspberry Pi 3
cortex-m3-linux           Little        Soft
mips32r2-linux            Big           Hard
mips32r2el-linux          Little        Hard
mips32r2elsf-linux        Little        Soft
mips32r2sf-linux          Big           Soft
ppc32-linux               Big           Hard
ppc64-linux               Big           Hard
ppc64el-linux             Little        Hard
x86_32-linux              Little        Hard    32 bit x86 Linux
x86_64-linux              Little        Hard    64 bit x86 Linux
x86_32-w64-mingw32        Little        Hard    32 bit x86 Windows
x86_64-w64-mingw32        Little        Hard    64 bit x86 Windows

All of the executables in these tarballs are statically linked, so they
should run on any reasonably recent system.

A typical command line looks something like:

    ecc -target arm32v7-linux -o hello hello.c

This command can be run on any of the host systems and will produce a
file called "hello" which will run on e.g. a Raspberry Pi running Linux.

Tarball contents:
    C/C++ compiler (ecc, ecc++)
    Assemblers for all targets
    GNU binutils compiled to support all targets.
    GDB compiled to support all the targets.

All of the tarballs contain header files and runtime libraries for all
the targets so you should be able to build for any of the targets.

There are tarballs available for a subset of all the target environment
just because it takes a while to build each one. If you would like to
run ELLCC on a host that is not here, just ask on the forum:

To use the tarball:
tar xvfp <path to your tarball>

This will create a directory called "ellcc" that will have all the
files you need to use ELLCC on the target system.

If you have any problems, please post on the ELLCC forum:

Please visit for more information.

Have fun!