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    I am experimenting with replacing a very expensive PowerPC compiler with ELLCC. Is it possible to target bare-metal PowerPC? I have successfully compiled some code with the compile lines given below. Do either of these truly create freestanding code (standard C library only)?

    ecc -c lowlev.c -o lowlev.o -target ppc-elk-eng
    ecc -c lowlev.c -o lowlev.o -target ppc-linux-eng





    Hi Anthony,

    Bare metal programming is not fully supported for PowerPC yet. I’m working on the ARM first as a prototype, and plan to port to other targets afterward. I have been building the ELK library for all targets as I’m doing the ELK work, which is why ppc-linux-eng exists. Having said that, the main thing that keeps any of the targets from working is an implementation of crt1.S specific to the target. Of course if you want MMU support, etc. additional work is needed.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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