Monthly Archives: November 2014

ELK Status Update

I previously mentioned ELK, an Embedded Little (or Linux) Kernel, that can be used to do bare metal development with ELLCC. The goal of ELK is to use the musl Linux C standard run-time library to provide a POSIX environment on bare metal, i.e. in kernel space. I’ve been focused primarily on the ARM version of ELK as a proof of concept prototype, but I plan to port ELK to all the targets supported by ELLCC.

ELK is able to use the musl library compiled for Linux because it traps the Linux system calls and implements their functionality, or at least enough of their functionality to be useful in a bare metal environment.

I put together a status page that shows the progress I’ve been making on emulating the Linux systems calls in ELK. You can find it here. The source for all of this can be found in the ELLCC source repository. In particular, you can look at the glue that helps makes this work for the ARM, the ARM crt1.S file mentioned on the status page.