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    Thanks a lot for creating ELLCC!!! It’s an impressive project. In fact, I was planning in building LLVM for several targets, using an isolated libc/userland and I found you already did it, so thanks a lot because your work is going to help me a lot!!!

    I saw a blog post discussing using ELLCC on MacOS, but it uses a MacOS binary release, and it seems that’s an old release. Also, I couldn’t find any details on what it takes to use ELLCC on MacOS.

    There’re several things that would need some clarification. For example:

    – MacOS uses MACH-o binaries as native format. Can ELLCC executables be run in MacOS in some way? Maybe an ELF loader and runner? Is that possible in this moment, or would it need more work?

    – How do you build ELLCC from MacOS? Can you bootstrap it? How? Is there some script for doing it? Or some document explaining it?

    – What’s the exact meaning of “embedded” in ELLCC? I mean… you can generate native x86 Linux executables in ELLCC (with a custom statically linked runtime, but native x86 executables anyway), and, although Linux can be implemented in an embedded system, however in the most general meaning Linux is not an embedded system. I’m asking about this concept because, as I’m seeing it, ELLCC can crosscompile to *both* embedded and non-embedded systems. Or am I missing something?

    Thanks a lot for creating ELLCC!!


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