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    Another installation issue with libstdc++. Whats the cleanest way to address this?

    checking whether we are using the GNU C++ compiler… yes
    checking whether /home/gordon/Applications/ellcc/bin/ecc++ accepts -g… yes
    checking how to run the C preprocessor… cc -E
    checking whether GCC or Clang is our host compiler… clang
    checking build system type… x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
    checking host system type… x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
    checking target system type… x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
    checking type of operating system we’re going to host on… Linux
    checking type of operating system we’re going to target… Linux
    checking target architecture… x86_64
    checking whether Clang is new enough… yes
    checking whether Clang will select a modern C++ standard library… no
    configure: error:
    We detected a missing feature in the standard C++ library that was known to be
    missing in libstdc++4.6 and implemented in libstdc++4.7. There are numerous
    C++11 problems with 4.6’s library, and we don’t support GCCs or libstdc++ older
    than 4.7. You will need to update your system and ensure Clang uses the newer
    standard library.

    If this error is incorrect or you need to force things to work, you may pass
    ‘–disable-compiler-version-checks’ to configure to bypass this test.
    make: *** [llvm.configure] Error 1

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