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    I’m trying to determine what are the differences between ellcc and clang/llvm trunk.

    1) Is ellcc is a re-packaging of a weekly snapshot of the trunk versions of clang/llvm (and qemu, gdb, etc….) to provide a clean, easy install, non-GPL distribution of all the tools needed or 2) if there are actual code changes to clang/llvm (and the code generation of the target triple and if so, where are the patches (patch listing, merges, etc…) of those changes…

    I hope that makes since and thanks in advance,




    Hi Robert,

    ELLCC is really just a weekly repackaging of clang/LLVM with two minor additions.

    1. The triples of the form -ellcc- (where OS is linux for now, but will include others eventually) control how include files and libraries are found. You might notice for example that the #include path for ELLCC uses the and to pull target and os specific include files when compiling.
    2. I’m trying (with varying degrees of success) to keep the now defunct Microblaze code generator current.

    Other that that, I’m trying to make sure the various parts, clang, LLVM, binutils, GDB, compiler-rt, musl, libcxx, and libcxxabi all work together.




    Thanks for the fast reply.

    I just did a build on OS-X 10.9.1 and ran into a couple of issues that I added to a OS-X build thread that was first opened a couple weeks ago…

    Your reply makes total sense, my over-caffinated brain thanks you 😉

    I am mainly looking at Clang/LLVM on bare-metal ARM cores and the amount of info out there is very sparse. ARM sponsors GCC-ARM and thus 99.9999% of the open source info on ARM is for GCC. Of course I could buy their reference compiler for about $10k USD and $3k for their JTAG debug and trace hardware, but that is not going anytime soon…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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