Building NetBSD Userland with ELLCC.

I’ve started a new project to build the core NetBSD userland programs for Linux using ELLCC. I have two motivations for doing this:

  • To have a large set of programs to compile for testing ELLCC. I’ve been looking for something for a while, and my stackoverflow question didn’t come up with any responses.
  • I’d like to eventually have a full set of userland commands for Linux that are not GPL licensed.

So far, the results have been promising. I have a nice subset of the NetBSD userland compiled so far:

ls x86_64-linux/bin x86_64-linux/usr/bin
[*      cp*    domainname*  expr*      ksh*  mkdir*  pwd*    sh*     tar*
cat*    cpio*  echo*        hostname*  ln*   mv*     rm*     sleep*  test*
chmod*  date*  ed*          kill*      ls*   pax*    rmdir*  sync*

apply*     calendar*  crunchgen*  expand*  getconf*  lastcomm*  make*
asa*       checknr*   crunchide*  fgen*    getopt*   leave*     od*
at*        cmp*       csplit*     find*    groups*   locate*    tar@
atq*       col*       ctags*      flock*   head*     lock*      uncompress*
atrm*      colcrt*    cut*        fmt*     hexdump*  logname*   whoami*
banner*    colrm*     deroff*     fold*    id*       look*
basename*  column*    dirname*    fpr*     indent*   m4*
batch*     comm*      du*         from*    join*     mail*
biff*      compress*  env*        fsplit*  jot*      Mail*
cal*       cpio@      error*      ftp*     lam*      mailx*
[~/ellcc-bsd] dev%

The files in that listing represent the low hanging fruit: They are the files that required little or no editing to compile with ELLCC.

If you want to try to build the NetBSD userland using ELLCC, first install ELLCC itself. Then you can grab the current ellcc-bsd project files:

[~] dev% svn co ellcc-bsd

This will create the ellcc-bsd directory right next to the already existing ellcc directory.

The next step is to build the bmake program (the Berkeley make program, used by NetBSD):

[~] dev% cd ellcc-bsd/
[~/ellcc-bsd] dev% ./build

This will put the host bmake executable in the ~/ellcc/bin directory.

Now all you have to do is

[~/ellcc-bsd] dev% ~/ellcc/bin/bmake
[~/ellcc-bsd] dev% ~/ellcc/bin/bmake install

This will create the populated directories list above.

For a little more fun try building ARM executables:

[~/ellcc-bsd] dev% ~/ellcc/bin/bmake TARGET=arm
[~/ellcc-bsd] dev% ~/ellcc/bin/bmake TARGET=arm install
[~/ellcc-bsd] dev% ls arm-linux/bin/ arm-linux/usr/bin/
[*      cp*    domainname*  expr*      ksh*  mkdir*  pwd*    sh*     tar*
cat*    cpio*  echo*        hostname*  ln*   mv*     rm*     sleep*  test*
chmod*  date*  ed*          kill*      ls*   pax*    rmdir*  sync*

apply*      csplit*   hexdump*   mkstr*         sdiff*       uniq*
asa*        ctags*    id*        mktemp*        sed*         units*
at*         cut*      indent*    mkubootimage*  seq*         unvis*
atq*        deroff*   join*      msgc*          shlock*      users*
atrm*       dirname*  jot*       msgs*          shuffle*     uudecode*
banner*     du*       lam*       nbperf*        soelim*      uuencode*
basename*   env*      lastcomm*  newgrp*        sort*        uuidgen*
batch*      error*    leave*     newsyslog*     split*       vis*
biff*       expand*   locate*    nice*          stat*        wall*
cal*        fgen*     lock*      nl*            su*          wc*
calendar*   find*     logname*   nohup*         tabs*        what*
checknr*    flock*    look*      od*            tar@         whereis*
cmp*        fmt*      m4*        paste*         tee*         which*
col*        fold*     mail*      patch*         time*        who*
colcrt*     fpr*      Mail*      pathchk*       touch*       whoami*
colrm*      from*     mailx*     pr*            tr*          whois*
column*     fsplit*   make*      printenv*      tty*         window*
comm*       ftp*      man*       printf*        ul*          write*
compress*   getconf*  menuc*     progress*      uname*       xargs*
cpio@       getopt*   mesg*      readlink*      uncompress*  xstr*
crunchgen*  groups*   mkdep*     renice*        unexpand*    yes*
crunchide*  head*     mkfifo*    rs*            unifdef*
[~/ellcc-bsd] dev% file arm-linux/bin/sh
arm-linux/bin/sh: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1, statically linked, BuildID[sha1]=2a1b11acf02098cd6b77965f97d3e4031126951e, stripped
[~/ellcc-bsd] dev%

In a future post I’ll describe how to use chroot to play in the new tiny userland environment.

5 thoughts on “Building NetBSD Userland with ELLCC.

  1. rich Post author

    The only reason I’m using bmake is that the NetBSD makefiles use it. I didn’t want to recreate their makefiles for GNU make.

    I just saw the OpenBSD effort yesterday. I wasn’t aware of it before.

  2. Jens

    Have you tried to build llvmlinux with ELLCC? That would be one step closer to a self-hosting environment with linux, musl, llvm, NetBSD userland. Any succes/plans to replace binutils?

    Apart from that – tested pkgsrc with ELLCC? Musl is regularly tested against the whole package library… Might be a way to test the capability of the compiler.

  3. rich Post author

    Hi Jens,

    Yes, I have been looking into llvmlinux. I’d like to try building it as soon as I get the userland a little further along.

    I’ve also looked at pkgsrc. In fact I looked at it first, but decided that getting the base userland to compile would be a better first step.

    So much to do, so little time!



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